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This Month in
New York History

March 22, 1664
King Charles II granted the Province of New York to James, Duke of York.

March 15, 1784
The Bank of New York was organized with Alexander Hamilton as a director.

March 20, 1798
The United Insurance company of New York City became the first insurance company incorporated by the legislature.

March 19, 1831
The first American bank robbery in the United States took place at the City Bank of New York. $245,000 was stolen from its vault.

March 3, 1837
New York's first native son to become president, and the first chief executive born a U.S.citizen was inaugurated in Washington. Who was he?

March 27, 1867
Oswego Normal School students were allowed to conduct classes.

March 10, 1880
Eight Salvation Army members from England arrived in New York City to start their organization in this country.

March 1911
A fire at the State Capitol in Albany destroyed 450,000 books and 270,000 manuscripts belonging to the State Library. Manuscripts pertaining to New York’s colonial period were among the losses.

March 25, 1911
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City killed 145 women and girls and injured several hundred more, a disaster that strengthed the labor union movement.

March 3, 1952
The Feinberg Law, prohibiting persons wishing to overthrow the United States government from employment in New York State schools, was upheld by the United States Supreme Court.

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