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New York History

October 10, 1665
After the British takeover of the Colony of New Netherlands, Governor Nicholls confiscated property of Dutch colonists who refused to affirm their loyalty to the British Crown.

October 7, 1763
The Proclamation of 1763 restricted Indian trade and land acquisition west of the Appalachian Crest. This angered those hoping to capitalize on westward expansion.

October 1774
The First Continental Congress in Philadelphia suspended all trade with Great Britain until colonial rights were restored. Local areas were to form local committees to enforce the pact, but the New York committees came under radical control that was unacceptable to the conservative assembly.

October 23, 1776
General George Washington’s forces evacuated Manhattan Island, seeking protection at White Plains, Westchester County. The British General Howe attacked the American position there on Oct. 28th at the Battle of White Plains. The British lost 300 men while the American lost only 200.

October 25, 1781
The Battle of Johnstown was fought. It was the last battle of the American Revolution to be fought in New York.

October 12, 1802
The first two graduates of the Military Academy at West Point were appointed second lieutenants in the United States Army, the only graduates in a class of ten.

October 26, 1825
The first canal boats entered the Erie Canal at Buffalo to dedicate the "highway" that linked the Hudson river and New York City to western New York and the Great Lakes.

October 1, 1867
For the first time an elementary school education became free for all New York State children.

October 10, 1886
The tuxedo was first worn at Tuxedo Park, Orange County.

October 23, 1952
Oct. 23, 1952 - School officials dismissed 8 New York City school teachers for alleged communist activities.

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